Prema-Service tank mixers are efficient, economical and made to last.

Our tank mixers range from side-entry agitators, to static, in-line mixers and extraction columns.

Oranjeberg offers the full range of filtration products from the Dollinger and Vokes brands of Celeros Flow Technology.


Our products include air intake filters, air/gas particulate and coalescing filters, oil mist elimination and liquid process filtration.

PREMAFLEX pinch valves are pneumatic shut-off devices for liquid, viscous, granular, contaminated, fibrous and aggressive substances.


Pinch valves are reliable, robust, inexpensive and available in a wide range of nominal widths.

Roto Hammer chainwheels are available in clamp-on and direct-mount models. Chainwheels allow for easy operation of hard-to-get-to hand-operated valves.

Gearboxes and valve extensions from Rotork and Roto Hammer are also available.

Flair systems and burners

All the Prema-Service products are designed to be as safe, efficient, economical and as environmentally friendly as possible. 

We offer:

  • Stationary flare systems
  • Mobile flare systems
  • Industrial burners
  • Service and spare parts

Aeroquip Flexmaster joints by Eaton are built for easy application in low-pressure pipe- and tube systems.


Flexmaster couplings allow for a connection between plain-end tubes, hoses or hard piping, even when the connection is slightly misalligned.

Our partners


Oranjeberg B.V was founded in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 1958. Over the years our company has made its way through The Netherlands, to The Europoort to settle in Vierpolders. We are strategically located near the center of the Rotterdam port area from where we can quickly react to our customer inquiries.


As a technical trading company, we can supply products from the following brands: Dollinger Filtration Limited, Vokes, Prema-Service GmbH, Eaton Flexmaster and Roto Hammer, a Rotork brand.


Oranjeberg B.V.

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3237 MJ Vierpolders

The Netherlands



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