Roto Hammer chain wheels

Valves aren’t always situated in easy to get to situations.


Often, gaining access to open or close a valve necessitates dangerous climbing or maneuvering. The Roto Hammer chain wheels can be installed in minutes and provide an easy, inexpensive way to ensure employee safety and effective manual valve operation. Opening and closing valves becomes as easy as standing at ground level and simply pulling the chain to operate the chain wheel above.


Roto Hammer Chain Wheels are available in different series, materials, and sizes:


  • CL & C Series Clamp-On Chainwheels
  • M Series hammer blow impact actuator chain wheel
  • E Series Direct-Mount chain wheel
  • Roto Safety wheels
  • RCK Safety Cable Kits

Roto Hammer chain wheels are standard issued in Ductile Iron, but are also available in galvanized ductile iron, aluminum, and 316 stainless steel.

Clamp-on chain wheels

The C & CL series clamp-on chainwheels can be installed in minutes and are an easy and effective way of effective valve operation.

The C & CL series fit handhweel sizes from 51 up to 1016 mm.

Available in ductile iron, stainless steel, and galvanized options.

M series hammer blow

The M series hammer blow actuator mimics the motion of a hammer striking an anvil. The blow that is delivered is designed to free sticky, old and/or damaged valves.

Hammer blow chainwheels are available in clamp-on and direct-mount versions.

E series direct mount

Custom fit chainwheels that mount directly on to the valve stem.

The fitting of the chainwheel to the valve stem is streamlined and secure and the need for clamps and hardware sets is eliminated.

Available in aluminium and ductile iron to replace handwheel sizes from 102 up to 768mm.

Valve stem extensions

Custom Roto Hammer valve stem extensions are available in various options, including a chain model and a handwheel model.

Right-angle gearboxes are also available to engineer operating possibilities regardless the distance between points.

Please inquire for a custom solution to facilitate your needs.

RCK safety cable kits

Safety cable kits add an additional safety level.

Should a chainwheel become unattached from the valve, the safety cable will ensure that the chainwheel can’t fall down and incur damages or injury.

Roto Hammer lock-link chain

Lock-link chain

The Roto Hammer chainwheels can only be operated with the custom lock link chain.

This is the only chain that is compatible with all Roto Hammer chainwheels. It is offered per meter in either galvanized or stainless steel.

In order to loop the chain, special Roto links, one piece stainless steel universal links, are required.

Roto Hammer chain chucket

Chain storage bucket

The Chucket Chain Storage Bucket holds overhead chain within easy reach and frees the pathway beneath, eliminating the safety hazard and hassle presented by suspended chain.


The Chuckout combines the chain storage and safety features of the Chucket with an added Lockout/Tagout feature to prevent unauthorized access or operation of the valve.

Custom painted chain wheels

Roto Hammer Chainwheels are primed in the trademark Roto Hammer blue colour. However, we understand that some customers prefer a custom colour to match their facilities.


In these situations, we are happy to custom paint any of our chainwheels to match a customer specified colour. Please contact us for information on pricing and lead time for custom painted wheels.

Right angle gearbox for Roto Hammer valve extensions

Right angle gearbox

The Roto Hammer Right Angle Gearbox is designed for applications where 90 degree direction change is required, from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.


The gearbox can be used in conjunction with Roto Hammer Valve Extensions, Handwheels, and Chainwheels. It is a 1:1 ratio gearbox.