Dollinger filtration

As agent in The Netherlands for the Dollinger brand products from Celeros Flow Technology, we can provide you with all products from the Dollinger portfolio.

The products range from air-, gas-, and liquid filters, to Oil Mist Eliminators, custom filtration skids and Dollinger original replacement elements.

Air intake filters

Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers, and turbines dramatically affect the cost of supplying compressed air. Inefficient intake filtration permits contaminants to corrode, erode, and foul internals.


Dollinger air intake filters will deliver optimum performance, energy savings, and protection to gain long component service life.

Gas filters

The Dollinger gas particulate filters are designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale and other solid contaminants from process air and other gases. Catalogue

Dollinger gas coalescing filters are engineered to remove entrained oil, water mist, other liquids and solid particles efficiently from compressed air and other gas streams.

Dollinger liquid filter installation

Liquid filters

The Dollinger liquid filters are designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale, and other solid contaminants from process liquids.


Dollinger liquid filters maximize the effective filtration area for a given vessel size resulting in lower differential pressure and extended service life



Oil Mist Eliminators

By using highly efficient coalescing elements, Dollinger Oil Mist Eliminators collect 99.97% of oil droplets 0.3 microns and larger, thus removing virtually 100% of oil mist emissions.


Dollinger filtration skids

Filtration skids

Dollinger filtration skids are completely custom, build specifically to your specifications and process parameters.


Applications include; demineralized water, diesel fuel forwarding, fuel gas, closed cooling water module, and more.

Dollinger radial fin elements

Replacement elements

Original Dollinger replacement elements include radial fin elements and panel filter elements in natural and synthetic materials, such as polyester, glass fiber (woven or needle-felted), PTFE, cotton, and stainless steel.