Tank agitators

PREMA-SERVICE tank agitators are efficient, economical, and are made to last!


With a strong focus on service, all tank mixers are made to order.  With this philosophy, we make sure that we provide the best solution for your needs.

Extraction columns

Prema-Service explosion proof agitator columns have been developed especially for processing systems for fuel oils, heavy oils and crude oils. The extraction column is used for the gentle mixing of liquids. This can be achieved by defining dwell times, time-dependent reactions, e.g. dissolving salts

Statix mixers

Static mixers (in-line mixers) are used in all cases in which optimum mixing is required at minimum cost. 


Through the in-line dividing and axial rotation of the medium, a pulsating reacting occurs that creates a highly efficient miging process.

Installation & commissioning

For the installation, commissioning, service and maintenance activities we work closely together with our partner Technische Dienst Europoort B.V. 

TDE is an official authorized service centre for Prema-Service GmbH tank mixers in The Netherlands.